How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

October 23, 2018 at 5:00 pm by

Life is busier than ever these days and we often neglect ourselves first when we are busy. Between work deadlines, commuting, families and socialising it is tough to fit it all in. Even though it seems painful to add one more thing into your busy schedule the benefits of regular exercise will positively overflow to everything else your doing in your life, so maybe it is time to put your excuses aside and get that butt into gear – literally!

Turn your commute into a workout

Swapping out your whole or a portion of your commute can be an easy way to get some extra burn into your day while still getting where you need to go. Google maps is a great tool for mapping your journey so you can run, walk or cycle your way to work, get your favourite playlist on and go for it.

Lunch time workout

Get some meal prep done so you can eat lunch on the run or at your desk and head to the gym on your lunch break. You could take 3 longer lunch breaks and 2 shorter ones each week so you have enough time to fit a workout in a few times a week.

Work out with a friend

No doubt someone else you know is thinking about getting active so put it out there and see if anyone is interested in joining you. That way you’re socialising and working out at the same time, plus you can motivate each other to stay on track.

Find something you love

Finding time is often a matter of making time and we all make time for things we enjoy doing. Most clubs and classes offer a trial period or free first class – you never never know if you never never go. Try out everything and settle on something that you love that will give you maximum results for your time.

Be realistic

Don’t start out thinking you have the time to exercise everyday. Start off small and commit to 2-3 workouts a week, book them into your calendar and stick them, if you have something else on then reschedule it to another time in the day or week.

Make your workouts really effective

If you’re aiming for three 45min workouts a week then focus on a full body workout to maximise your results. High intensity workouts will give you more bang for your time and help you hit the after burn effect so you can burn calories even after your workout – yes you can burn calories while you sleep #winning find out more here .

Find a workout that is flexible

Convincing yourself that you will finish work on time or wake up for that gym class each and every week is probably not going to work. You need a workout that is flexible, something that will fit into your schedule with ease or you might find exercise starts to become an inconvenience rather than something you enjoy.

Exercise comes in all shapes and sizes so you really need to just get out there and try something new. Once you find your winning formula you will be off and running full of endorphins and not thinking about the clock and feeling a billion times better inside and out.

If you want to try 12RND then get in contact with your local club, we would love to show you around.