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The body of a fighter! It’s trim, it’s tight & it’s powerful! Developing a body that is strong, muscular & combat ready takes work! A boxers physique largely comes down to their ability to train, eat & recover well, however their eating patterns boost their efforts tremendously.

The consistent eating habits of an athlete or boxer, is not out of reach for the average gym go’er! In fact, even if you don’t have the intention of stepping into the ring there are some tricks of the trade that can help you feel like a pro, without actually having to be one! Aside from the training, simplistic, persistent & well balanced meals can boost the ability to kick start your goals in becoming a modern day gladiator in no time at all!

Eating clean & lean is how most boxers & athletes keep their sculpted physics trim, taught & tight! So what are the tips to eating like a pro, without actually being one?

The tip here is simplicity & consistency, as how we fuel our body is directly how we feel from it! There’s really no need to sugar coat this statement, as it’s absolutely true. Boxer’s train all year round, there is no off-season! So let’s take in some hot tips in order to bump up our eating patterns putting our nutrition as a priority! We want to feel on top of our game for Summer, but also for all seasons as life really doesn’t have an ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ season either!


To achieve the benefits of our training efforts, 3 x main meals & 2 x snacks are recommended consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats & calcium as a basis of balance. Simplicity is key! Keeping blood sugar levels in their neutral reduces the chances of storing fat.


Carbohydrates give us energy to train today, tomorrow & the other days we decide to give it a good go! They give us fuel to jump rapidly, to punch quickly, to row like you’ve never rowed before! Serves should be portioned & include unrefined sources such as grains, oats, legumes, sweet potatoes & fruits. Glucose is the broken down form of a carbohydrate & contains less energy per gram than protein so the exclusion such as that of a high protein diet, actually works in reverse & the additional protein tends to be stored as fat. So remember, carbohydrates are our friend, it’s just to the type we opt for & portion that can make the difference!

Protein synthesises new muscles & repair those damaged during our sessions! This in turn reduces stored fat deposits creating a leaner muscle tone over the entire body! Protein also works to improve moods, regulates hormones, supports clear younger skin & healthier hair. Protein is found in lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, tofu & legumes. Just remember, keep your protein portioned as too much may be stored as unnecessary fat!

Fats in small portions boost nutrient absorption & metabolic health. We actually need a small amount every day to ensure we transport our nutrients around the body! Interestingly unsaturated fats can support the breakdown of stubborn STORED fats such as those around the belly, bum & thighs! Unsaturated forms such as monosaccharides and polysaccharides can be obtained from sources such as fish, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oils & avocados. 

Sugar in any form is not recommended. We’ve all experienced the highs & lows of sugar feeling a sudden surge then dramatic fall. This can enhance fat storage not to mention produce poor quality of moods due to sporadic blood sugar levels effecting training and our days significantly. 

Sugar is rapidly emptied from the stomach & can create almost instant bloating, coating the top of the intestine feeding the bad bacteria in the gut producing a by-product, which can create gas and gut irritability. This will create poor outcomes along w mood swings and irritated red skin! 

Calcium is a macronutrient that also can tend to be eliminated, however without adequate intake we reduce the ability to convert energy, regulate fat processing & storage & also the strength of our bones and teeth! In fact, the more calcium we have in our cells, the more fat the cells will burn! Low fat dairy options are recommended for adults including low fat milk, yoghurt & cheese. 


Water hydrates the cells of the body, flushing out any toxins! When we exercise its important to flush the systems as the by products of our muscles need to be removed. Water also adds to positive moods, energy & the ability to sleep well!


Preparation is key! It’s putting the time & effort in the night before to make sure your meals are set for the next day! Take a look at the below meal intake, if you’re an ‘Active Male’, simply double the carbohydrate serve & add 50g additional protein to all main meals (excludes allergies & additional energy requirements).

‘Active 12RNDer Female’ who completes 12RND’s most days: 


Breakfast Example: 

Slice Wholegrain Toast

2 x Boiled Eggs

2 x Slices Low Fat Cheese  

1/4 Avocado



Lunch Example:

1/2 Cup Cooked Brown Rice

120g Cooked Lean Chicken cooked in Coconut Oil

2 Tbs Low Fat Tzatziki

Spinach Leaves

Minced Cauliflower



Dinner Example:

1 Wholegrain Wrap

120g Lean Beef Strips

2 tsp Low Fat Hummus

1 Corn Stripped into wrap

Lettuce Leaves


Snack Examples:

2 Rice Cakes

2 Slices Turkey



250g Low Fat Yoghurt

8 Strawberries

12 Almonds


30g Whey Protein

1 Banana

3 Ice cubes

1 Date



All the best 12RND’ers! Your time is now!