Why we’re addicted to boxing training!

January 31, 2019 at 6:01 am by

There’s a reason why boxing training is so popular with athletes, models and celebs. Not only is fighting a combination of cardio, strength & skill, it’s one of the most powerful ways of finding that inner bada##! 

Boxers have one of the most sought after physiques in the World as their training rounds use every muscle in the body & if anyone ever tells you it’s just an upper body work out, they’re wrong. Power from the hips & legs for example allows you to fully extend your punches. A strong back & core will also become a driver for quick reflexes. It’s a complete body workout & will help sculpt muscles you didn’t even know existed!

Boxing builds confidence, discipline & stamina improving your resting heart rate & muscular endurance. The lift & fall of your heart rate changes with intensity of the rounds, hence it’s ability to crunch calories & FAST! Burning a whopping 13 to 17 calories per minute, combine that with conditioning in the same session & you’re absolutely crunching numbers. 

Punching the gloves & bag literally keeps you on your toes. Learning how to throw punches is where coordination becomes key. Focus on the punches & the ability to snap them back challenges the muscles & mind. The focus allows you to totally zone in & before you know it, you’ve finished a killer session. 

Sessions don’t become repetitive like other types of training such as running on a treadmill, as there’s always something to learn! The ability to gain fitness, skill, strength & stamina is some serious incentive to keep training! Whether you go the rounds to lose the pounds, or go the distance to boost your confidence, training @12rndfitness conditions you to find that fighter within.