Why progress pictures are so important

September 9, 2018 at 5:00 pm by

We have all been there. You work really hard for the first 4 weeks but then you start to fall off the wagon because you’re not seeing any results on the scales so you slowly lose motivation and getting up to go to the gym starts to become a chore. But results don’t just come down to the numbers.

That is why it is so important to take progress pictures – we are looking at ourselves in the mirror everyday so we don’t notice our physical changes, especially when they happen day by day. Taking a picture from the front, side and back every week makes it easier to visually see your results, if you have worked hard on your goals the difference between week 1 and week 12 will really amaze you.

Scales shouldn’t be the only way you measure your fitness journey because muscle is around 18% more dense than fat. When you begin a new training program you will no doubt go through “beginner gains” and start adding muscle, as a result your weight will fluctuate even though your other measurements may be going down. Weekly progress pictures can capture the physical transformation that your going through.

We know those initial pictures will no doubt get you down but they’re great to refer back to and keep you on track, it is much easier to remember why you started when you can look back at yourself at the beginning. Progress pictures also hold you accountable for your outcome. If you’re first starting out and you have physical results in mind then set yourself a time frame in which to see these results and keep working hard until you hit that date. A good timeframe to start with is 6 weeks, you can take weekly progress pictures and then compare at the end.

If you don’t have the motivation to keep yourself going for 6 weeks on your own then starting a 6 week challenge is great way to stay on track. If you’re starting out with a group of people it also makes it easier to stay committed and the added benefit of having a trainer by your side will push you even further. Don’t forget that nutrition contributes a lot to your results so getting yourself some sound advice on what to eat and how much will get you to that after picture a lot faster.

If you need help on where to start and what results you can expect then head on into a 12RND, the first class is free and all fitness levels are welcome. We have trainers on the floor to help you with every step along the way, with a new workout everyday and new session starting every 3 minutes it’s pretty hard to get bored. Plus, we want to see you hit your goals – it’s why we do what we do.