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Quick hands, fast feet & MAXIMUM effort creates an internal furnace that’s hard to ignore. Pair this with a ruthless work ethic & you have the mentality of a Champion! One that will go undefeated, one RND workout at a time! 

Training for strength is important, as it means our muscles grow & we can gain speed & power! The most important muscle you will ever train is your HEART! It pumps up to 100,000 beats per day nourishing the body with up to 5 litres of blood! It’s a very powerful & effective piece of machinery! 

Our heart is also a very accurate gauge of our workout intensities. We want to see if we can work it up to its maximum potential or maximum heart rate (MHR)! Whether the goal is to improve mental fitness, ditch excess fat or improve lean muscle mass you want to know your MHR so you can work the body at intensities that are going to knock your goals left, right & absolutely sideways! 

Our maximum efforts can be monitored using our MYZONE Heat Rate Monitors, which demonstrate our training intensities LIVE during our 12RND workouts! Let’s take a look at how we can read the MYZONE colours & what the different zones mean: 

The GREY Zone – 50-59% of MHR

The grey zone is where you’ll find yourself when you first walk in the doors of 12RND’s, it’s when you’ll look up at the screens, take a deep breath & anticipate what’s about to go down! 

The BLUE Zone: 60-69% of MHR

The blue zone is most likely when your hands are strapped & you start warming up! You may not be using your power punches YET, but you’ll be taking a quick glance over the room to see what the stations have in store for you! 

The GREEN Zone: 70-79% of MHR

The green zone strips excess fat in all the stubborn places! This is an intensity you can maintain for some time (often in strength rounds). But don’t worry, you won’t be here too long! 

The YELLOW Zone: 80-89% of MHR

The yellow zone is the GOLDEN STAR! You’re burning plenty of fat but starting to tap into carbohydrate stores using the aerobic pathway! You’ll be starting to fire up all engines & fatigue & lactic acid might start creeping in but that doesn’t mean stop! It means you’re in the fight of your life & nothing but benefits are coming your way!

The RED Zone: 90-100% of MHR

If you can get yourself into the Red zone, you are WORKING IT (BABY!) like a true champion! You are pushing your anaerobic threshold & pushing it hard! You won’t be here for long, so a short stay is a good stay! It’s a pat on the back for pushing through a very tough part of the workout which you’ll be feeling incredible for afterwards! High five! 

Just like the pro’s, we like to hear our coaches guiding us through the bouts. Whether we are in the corner of the ring like a boxer, or in the four walls of 12RND, we want to FEEL the motivation of the bright lights as much as we can! Try checking your MYZONE tiles on the wall as you train, and look for the yellows & red zones! A well rounded athlete will get more out of their efforts by keeping track of their MEPS each week in order to achieve goals & set new ones!  

MYZONE Effort Points (MEPS) are a set of metrics that tally up your efforts. The more points you earn, the greater the efforts achieved & the closer your goals become! Check out our 12RND’ers tile below as an example of showcasing effort with rewards & remember to keep the coaches updated! We love seeing you embrace the champion within! 


Ellice Whichello

Clinical Nutritionist || BBsc