The Benefits of Strength Training

September 3, 2020 at 6:21 am by

Our usual programming and Training Camp are both designed to follow Training Phases, which include: Base, Strength, Power and Peak, and an important aspect in the progression of those phases is the addition of weights. These phases are what make our Training Cycle, which mimics the periodisation that many athletes incorporate into their training to ensure they are continually seeing progress. Our Strength Phase in particular, focuses on the increase of load and utilising the correct form and technique to optimise your movement, enhance results and minimise risk of injury or strain.

Throughout Strength Phase we incorporate resistance through weights, and your challenge is to pick up heavier weights than usual for any particular exercises, whilst maintaining control over your movement and tempo. This is important because progressively increasing load will ensure that you don’t plateau and continue to see results.

As you continue to do this, you may start to see greater definition in muscle tone, but you will also feel the difference in your ability in the club throughout your session. This is because there are numerous underlying benefits to Strength and Resistance Training in addition to muscle gain.

Improves Your Ability to Burn Body Fat

Our resistance training often incorporates compound movements and is typically done in supersets with heavier load and shorter recovery to place greater demand on your body to replace energy throughout your workout, and can generate an afterburn effect. This effect is referred to as excess post-oxygen consumption (EPOC), which is triggered by high intensity exercise that stimulates the body’s need to utilise additional oxygen to return to its rested state. Studies have shown that when EPOC is at it’s highest after a workout, and while active the body is using calories (or energy) to fuel the process. Following a strength session in particular, the EPOC process is prolonged and therefore you can burn calories for longer post-workout.

Enhances Your Overall Body Mechanics

In addition to boosting your strength, training with weights will also lead to improved balance, coordination and posture. Your body relies on the strength of certain muscle groups in order to function correctly, and our training throughout Strength Phase encompasses all of your major muscle groups throughout your upper body, lower body and core. When your body is stronger, typical functional movements will come a lot more easily.

Increases Bone Density and Joint Function

As we age, our bone density can decline, however through implementing weight-bearing exercises into our training, it places a controlled amount of stress on your bones, causing them to strengthen. Meanwhile, the addition of load can also increase the mobility of joints and contribute to greater flexibility over time. Regular strength training can assist your body in increasing bone mineral density, and therefore work towards reducing risk of issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis further down the track.

Our Training incorporates a combination of Boxing and Strength to also test your anaerobic endurance, and offers a variety of movements to target numerous muscle groups on a regular basis for overall improvement. In this phase, you may notice that the reps also decrease, allowing you to focus on form and technique, incorporate adequate rest, and overtime challenge yourself to complete more sets in one round as your fitness and strength improves. What this means is, we take care of the adjustments to your variables, such as frequency, duration, targeted muscle groups, sets and reps, and all you need to do is select your weights each round for optimal results!