Taking Progress Photos

August 21, 2020 at 6:52 am by

Sometimes motivation can feel scarce when it feels like it’s taking longer than you anticipated to achieve your goals – so it’s important to document your efforts to acknowledge the transformation during your journey towards your end goal and remain motivated over time. Taking progress photos is a great way to recognise the aesthetic changes that occur to our body overtime, that we wouldn’t otherwise notice as we look at ourselves in the mirror each day.

Taking a picture from the front, side and back every week makes it easier to visually see your results, compare your changes overtime and highlight the differences that have come from the effort you’ve put in, and will also hold you accountable.

It can be confronting taking photos for the first time, but it’s important to set a realistic benchmark and take the photos when you’re relaxed and natural. Lighting is also important so that you can clearly see all of the definition of your body, because muscle tone and circumference changes can sometimes be subtle.

Key things to consider when taking your Progress Photos:

  • Wear something fitted, but not too tight. You want your body to be a natural reflection of your current state, whilst ensuring that you showcase as much of your current body shape as possible.
  • Take the photo in natural light on a plain background. This helps to keep the focus on you, and avoid any distraction from objects surrounding you. Natural light will also help to neutralise shadow and provide greater clarity to your photos
  • Be consistent with your shots. Try taking your photos on the same day of the week, on a weekly basis, and at a similar time of day, in the same outfit and same lighting. This will help you to eliminate too many variables between photos and compare better.
  • Relax your body. Although it can be tempting to tense or suck in your belly, this won’t give you a realistic idea of how your body actually looks and to compare to for when you actually do hit your goals
  • Take front, back and side photos. We don’t always get to see all aspects of our body when we look in a mirror, but fat loss doesn’t happen in isolated areas, it happens all over the body. So it’s important to take a complete look at your changes

Here are some examples of our members and their Before + Afters: