Recover quicker to get faster & slicker!

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Over the duration of 12RND’s of champion bouts you’ll be taken to the brink & back! 

Eating the right foods is also like packing the perfect combinations! Eating right gets you bouncing into shape, quicker! Your body can progress because it’s able to recover. Being unprepared with your eating, is like going into a fight unprepared. You’ll cop the punches & the punishment because you didn’t see the value in every day, adequate nourishment. 

You have to eat right, not skip meals & get that breakfast preparation.

If you’re punches aren’t packing any power, they’ll feel slow and your legs heavy and sore.

It might come down to simply spending the time to pack for breakfast the day before!

If you’re going to train at your best, you need to eat at at your best! The best part here is, we can eat to recover quicker. It’s all in the post exercise meal! Post exercise meals are essential for recovery and achieving fitness goals. Our plate should contain portioned protein, carbohydrates & water as the basis of macros! 


  • Protein is recommended in portioned serves 
  • Provides Amino Acids for muscles to repair
  • Adequate protein allows growth (synthesis) of NEW proteins & energy production
  • Only when muscle synthesis exceeds breakdown will muscle mass increase
  • For muscle mass to increase we must combine protein intake w carbohydrates
  • Goals become fuelled A LOT QUICKER due to optimizing training efforts & recovery

Strength training increases the synthesis & breakdown of protein for at least 24 hours after a workout! This means a big BUMP UP in the ability to gain leaner, new muscles at a quicker rate! 

We know that protein is a crucial nutrient in our eating regime that allows us to unleash the fighter within! (wink, wink!) The amount of protein consumed is important, as it needs to stimulate the muscle recovery. The recommended amount is 30g of absorbed protein, which is a fist size.

This is referred to as the ‘maximum dose effect’, which is the maximum amount the muscle can utilize in one meal. There is therefore a point where the muscle can no longer stimulate muscle protein synthesis, suggesting that there is no benefit of consuming more protein than the recommended amounts as excess protein cannot be utilized in the body, but will be quickly stored directly as fat!

When protein intake exceeds requirements, the body creates a by product in attempting to break down this protein which often leads the individual feeling uncomfortable in the gut and can often accelerate poor, unsteady moods! 

Carbohydrate added to the protein post exercise is important to aid in the recovery process (repair and resynthesis) & also to replenish fuel for energy in the next exercise session. The most effective way to do this is to eat carbohydrates along with protein one hour after exercise in the recommended portion sizes. For an active male 1 serve of unrefined carbohydrates such as 1 Cup of Oats is recommended (or >2 Slices of MultiGrain Toast) & half a cup for an active female (1 Slice of MultiGrain Toast).

Training is one element, facilitating efforts with Nutrition is like placing the correct nutrients in the cake in order to see it rise! Try this recipe as a start, let us know how you go! 

Active Female who trains most days! 

Cacao, Avocado & Nut Delight

1/2 C Natural Oats

1 tsp Chia Seeds 

6 Walnuts 

1/4 Avocado

30 True Protein Chocolate Powder 

1/2 Frozen Banana

2 Dates

1/2 Cup Water …blend!

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Ellice Whichello

Clinical Nutritionist || BBsc