Be a Warrior, Not a Worrier

February 7, 2019 at 6:48 am by

Going the distance at 12rnds is empowering! Even wrapping our hands & we’re instantly feeling like a warrior & NOT a worrier. 

According to the most recent Health Surveys, up to 72% of Australian’s are reporting feeling stressed on a daily basis, with an abundance being high achievers with busy lifestyles, it’s reported as affecting the quality of their day, their work & their personal life as a result 90% of the time. 

Exercise is one of the most effective ways of reducing long-term stress! In fact, time on the pads, bags, jumping from station to station & you’ll be switching energy systems in the body not only crunching calories but more importantly, reducing stress hormones called cortisol & increasing the happy hormones called endorphins!

Endorphins provide the perfect motivation to reach a state of euphoria, this is the ‘runners high’ that often gets referred to. It’s a sensation that adds to motivated to train again the next day as it’s the happy endorphins working loud & proud! We recommend exercise on most days for 45 minutes!

Without over consuming ourselves in the ability of stress to be a negative, stress can also block the body’s ability to lose weight as when we are under stress, the hormone cortisol is released into the blood at a higher rate as our bodies are in a state of ‘flight or fight’ response. This is the tingly sensation we get when something shocks us. It’s our body’s adrenalin ready to take action and allow us to perform explosive movements! 

If we are repeatedly under stress, the body is no longer able to reduce levels of cortisol, therefore stress becomes chronic which disrupts the body’s glucose control causing fat to be stored considerably in the body & more so in the mid-drift region. For this reason, it is very hard for someone feeling stressed on a daily basis to lose weight!

Incorporating techniques that sooth the mind & body on a daily practice is important, including breathing methods at time of need, a well-balanced diet to ensure correct nourishment & daily exercise. 

On this occasion, take a look at the following techniques that support exercise on most days:

  • Take the time to build up your fitness regime so it remains enjoyable
  • Set motivational goals that are clear, precise, obtainable & meaningful to you
  • Find focus on balance in nutrition, training & mindset not counting calories
  • Pencil in your sessions & stick with it
  • Find a sweat buddy who will commit to sessions w you
  • Make it fun, training w buddies over good music means the experience is one you’ll want to come back to!

Going at it like rocky & rumbling at 12rnds is not only fun & engaging; it’s the most effective training combination to reduce the effects of stress, and let’s be honest we all need to let off some steam at times 😉