07 // Training Camp Winners

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Through challenging times, thank you for continuing to fight alongside us.

We are so proud of the incredible results we have seen from 07 // Training Camp, and your incredible efforts that have led you to where you are today in your journey.

It is our pleasure to introduce your International Winners for 07 // Training Camp!


“I fight to be the best version of myself”

Approaching 40, Katie wanted to “chuck herself in the deep end” with our Training Camp. After joining in June, post-lockdown, Katie wanted to try something different, and introduced 12RND into her training.

“I enjoy cardio, but I’ve never boxed before. My Coaches have spent a lot of time with me, especially during my one-on-one padwork, to help me improve,” Katie said.

As a mum with a 4 and 7 year old, Katie makes time for her training in the morning, and throughout the Training Camp also made an effort to increase her steps daily.

Katie said, “I used the app daily, using the Scorecard as my checklist to stay consistent. found it really helpful and easy to follow. I made sure I did only 1 form of exercise per day and didn’t overtrain, whilst staying on top of my MEPs.”

“The leaderboard was also really motivating, to see myself progressing each time I completed my Scorecard.”

“And I had set myself some goals, which I entered into the Goal Setting section. I wanted to be able to do proper box jump and a proper push up on my toes. I wanted to improve my speed and endurance in my cardio, and set a 5km PB. And I wanted to improve my Boxing, and the workshops my club held throughout the camp really helped with that!”

Her advice to other 12RND’ers is “anyone can do it! You don’t have to push yourself to punishment to get results, you can enjoy the process.”

Katie lost 10.2kg overall, gained 900g Muscle Mass and reduced her Body Fat by 13.3%!

She also improved across all 3 of her Benchmark exercises, increasing her Muscular Endurance reps by 8, completing the 15Cal Ski Erg in 46 seconds, and increasing her Anaerobic Conditioning distance by 21m!

When we asked Katie how she feels about her results, she said, “I’m feeling good and ready to start the next Training Camp! I’m amazed with my results, I’ve lost weight before but to be able to increase my muscle mass was huge for me. I cried when I got my final scan done. I was shocked but I feel proud, and now I’m working with my coach to set new goals to stay on track.”

“I fight to push myself to get to the next level”

After losing 6.5kg and reducing his body fat by 6.1%, Maikil managed to increase his muscle mass and smash his benchmark fitness tests after our Training Camp, 6 week challenge.

Maikil’s 12RND journey began as a Foundation Member at 12RND Wentworth Point, two years ago. He said that the decision to start his 12RND journey was mostly driven by a need to do something different, but that it was an added bonus having the No Fixed Class Times.

“The boxing element added something different, which I loved. And the fact that the workout has variety and has a new workout every day.

“The No Fixed Class Times was a huge drawing factor, allowing me to rock up whenever I want without the restriction of a class timetable.

“I usually train alongside my wife, who also won our club’s Female Training Camp prize. It’s great that we have something that works for both of our schedules, but also allows me to train in my own time if I need. Now that I work from home, it’s really great to have that convenience.”

As a semi-professional Soccer player, and full-time professional, Maikil relied on the convenience of our 45 minute high intensity workouts to fit his training into a busy schedule.

Entering into the 07// Training Camp, Maikil’s goal was to be healthier overall, and his biggest focus was to step into the 6 week challenge with the right mindset.

Maikil’s advice to anyone taking on the Training Camp is to do just that, “Use the Training Camp as an opportunity to really knuckle down and see what you can achieve in these 6 weeks.”

Prepare yourself mentally rather than physically, think about your goals and what you want for yourself. You have to be ready to do it.

When we asked Maikail how he stays motivated, and what he’s fighting for, he said,”I fight to push myself to get to the next level. Every time I get to a certain point, I want to push myself to see how much further I can go. I fight for a longer life expectancy, energy throughout the day, and mental clarity and focus at work.

“My goal is to always to get to the next goal so that I can always stay motivated.”

Congratulations to these two fighters who took on Training Camp like champions and achieved these amazing transformations, physically, athletically and mentally.

Thank you to all of our 12RND’ers and UBX’ers that joined us for 07 // Training Camp.